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Get A Sales Funnel That Takes Ice-Cold Traffic & Turns Them into
Red-Hot Clients

Capture every lead and turn them into high paying customers


A sales funnel allows a business to visualize the journey that a customer must embark upon to go from a state of unawareness all the way through to conversion. Through the use of a sales funnel businesses manage to implement a framework that enables them to determine the areas for improvement and convert every customer.

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Creating A Funnel Can Be Complicated...

Designing a sales funnel that really works is arguably the single best thing you can do for your business but is difficult. An ineffective funnel can struggle to bring in traffic, doesn’t target the right audience, doesn’t have effective calls to action, and of course, does not convert.  


Trying to design a sales funnel when you have no experience can end up doing more harm than good for your business. A real expert will stop at nothing and will use a wide range of tools, software, and techniques to develop a funnel that will work.

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The Only Option…

You might have come across “gurus” claiming to offer templates that are supposed to work for all types of business. The bizarreness of that claim should be apparent to all. To expect that premade templates can cater to all types of businesses with countless variables is simply not possible.


The only option is to use a team of professionals who will take into account the different aspects of your business and create a funnel that is tailor-made.


Smart Impact Media Sales Funnels

At Smart Impact Media, we have a team of top professionals that have unmatched experience in creating high converting sales funnels…


A Sales Funnel That Will:

  • Attract new leads

  • Focus on the right leads

  • Streamline your marketing 

  • Build a trusting relationship with clients

  • Better forecast your sales

  • Help you prelaunch your products before selling them

  • Help you sell upgrades or upsells to your products and services

  • Rocket your conversion rates

Marble Surface


It helps you to capture subscribers to your list

It helps you to prelaunch your products before selling them

It helps you to sell upgrades or upsells to your products and services

It gives you a professional landing page for your business


  • Instantly capture anyone who signs up to your list and send them future promotional offers

  • Fashionably launch new products and services

  • Create an upsell or upgrade of your product that will be shown to your client when they are ready to buy

  • Watch how your customer seamlessly move from being a subscriber to being a loyal customer in one sales funnel

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In this step, we are going to plan the direction of your sales funnel. This is also the step where we also get the requirements from your business.


Once we have enough information about your business, we will now create the website wireframes. We then submit these to you so you can specify the position and colors of the elements.


Then, we proceed to the designing process. This is where we incorporate the design elements into the funnel. 


Next is the building process. It is also where we create the copy for the salespage and combine it with the design elements. 


Then, we test all buttons and purchases to ensure that everything is ready for the launch. It is also at this stage that we integrate other applications to the funnel and do mobile optimization on all pages.

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  • You have a new product or service that you plan to launch

  • You want to capture subscribers into your list by giving out a lead magnet

  • You have several offers and you want to send them to your audience right when they need it. 

  • You are selling a service and you want to get more clients.


We are a professional team of website developers that helps businesses create funnels across a variety of platforms such as ClickFunnels.

Let us help you create a sales funnel for your business.

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